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Why Germany?

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    The outstandingly efficient customer service by the high rank professors, respected doctors and experienced professionals with the world renowned names.

  • 2

    Germany has a leading position among other European countries in medicine equally in quality and diversity.

  • 3

    German hospitals are recognized as the best equipped in the world, the German equipment has no equals either in quality or uniqueness.

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    You will be provided with the latest achievements and developments in medicine.

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    Due to use of the described technologies, the diagnostics system is highly accurate, the treatment methods are unique and the treatment results of the most difficult diagnoses are high.

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    We offer treatment in the authoritative high tech centers with the materials of ultimate quality, ecological safety.

Priority treatment areas in Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Heidelberg and Munich


A full range of diagnostics and treatment methods is offered in one of the largest ophthalmological clinics in Germany that also specializes in keratoplasty.
Range of services Diagnostics High-frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy Laser-scanning tomography Optical coherence tomography Electroretinography , multifocal  ERG and pattern ERG Electrooculography Visual evoked potentials test Vascular angiography of the eye Laser Doppler test of  blood supply Microscopy of corneal endothelium Corneal topography Fitting of contact lenses and glasses using keratograph. Treatment Treatment of the connective tissue disease of the eye and cornea  Treatment of retinal diseases Orbital disease Correction of strabismus Neuroophthalmology Refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK) Pediatric ophthalmology Treatment of eyelid diseases Diagnosis and treatment of the eyelids and periorbital conditions Diagnosis and treatment of the lacrimal gland and duct conditions Trauma complications Treatment of uveal tract inflammation Glaucoma treatment ("green star") Cataract treatment ( "grey star" )