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Why Germany?

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    Currently real estate in Germany is not only reliable but also a profitable investment. There was a property sold for about 230 billion euros in overall cost in 2015.

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    There is a guaranteed income from a property rent.

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    The aspects of German law preclude the fact of fraud in the purchase and sale of real estate and strictly stand on the side of the property owner.

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    There is a high quality of building construction and maintenance.

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    Because of those technologies diagnostics is highly accurate, treatment is unique, and treatment outcomes of even the most complex diagnoses are high.

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    We offer a treatment at the reputable high-tech centres with ultimately qualitative and environmentally friendly equipment.

Advantages of DeLux Invest & Consulting
Advantages of DeLux Invest & Consulting

Our company specializes in the sale of investment property, i.e. one which brings a reliable and steady income.

From the point of view of diversification of the investment portfolio most investors have long been considering the real estate market in Germany as one of the most interesting in the world.

We have direct contracts with the developers and the best real estate agencies in almost the whole Germany, which allows us to work without any intermediaries. We offer our customers different real estate in Germany: apartments, houses, villas, commercial properties.

We are ready to manage your property on trusted grounds. Based on a contract of trusted management our company becomes a legal representative of  your property’s interests.

DeLux Invest & Consulting guarantees complete confidentiality of any relationship with us concerning not only closed transactions but also any potential interest, details of any meetings, as well as the fact of your appeal to us. Creating a sense of confidence to work with us is one of the most important tasks of our employees.

Investing in commercial real estate guarantees a regular monthly income and in most cases a significant increase in the value of the property in a few years time. That allows us to accurately calculate the liquidity of a particular project and provide accurate information to an investor on the amount of the expected profit.

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