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Why Germany?

  • 1

    We provide a wide range of services

  • 2

    We have built a team of professionals from the different areas

  • 3

    We offer a flexible and professional approach to meet the individual needs of each Customer

  • 4

    We are proud to deliver efficient and excellent quality service with the best price in the shortest possible time.

  • 5

    We are very attentive to the set objectives and care about the desired outcome.

  • 6

    We work without any middle men involvement.

Presentation of VIP services

  • VIP-meeting in the airport
  • Personal bodyguard
  • Highly armoured cars of different class
  • Limousine-service on premium vehicles (Maybach, Rolls- Royse, Bentley)
  • Renting and buying premium vehicles (Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche)
  • Personal aircraft
  • Organization of events, seminars and excursions
  • Extension of German visa and/or getting a residence permit for up to 6 months

Our legal department will help you on all these questions! Contact us!

Advice on establishment of enterprise

  • Assistance in registration of enterprise on the territory of Germany
  • Advice on choosing optimal legal form of enterprise
  • Financing methods
  • Government subsidies
  • Drafting business plans
  • Assisting in gaining bank credits

Economical advices

  • Corporate and operative planning
  • Control and marketing
  • Financial and economic evaluation of enterprises
  • Financing programs optimization
  • Business transactions advice
  • Productive-economic analysis of enterprise
  • Participation and support in negotiations with banks
  • Optimization of business entities

Taxation advices

  • Preparation of all kinds of tax returns for enterprises and individual persons
  • Advices on national and international taxation law (double taxation avoidance)
  • Reformation and restructuring enterprise due to optimization of taxation
  • Developing optimal taxation models for enterprises
  • Protection of client’s interests in relationships with financial institutions and social insurance schemes
  • Support of client in case of revisions by financial institutions and social insurance schemes
  • Protection of client’s interests in tax courts

Business and management accounting

  • Accounting and payroll management
  • Advices on optimal documenting of regular labour force
  • Drawing up annual balances
  • Advices on organization of balances
  • Productive-economic analysis

Purchase of different types of vehicles and facilities

  • Light
  • Motor
  • Commercial
  • Cutters and yachts
  • Business Jets aircrafts
  • Facilities from different branches of industry

Practice camps in tennis clubs of Southern Germany

  • We will help you organize any kind of sporting event, training and sports team meetings
  • We offer arranging sporting meetings, exhibition games and participation in different level tournaments in Southern Germany to professional and amateur tennis clubs, from beginners to veterans, as well as to representatives of other sports (football, basketball, volleyball, handball teams and golfers)
  • Assistance in appearance for German clubs.
  • Giving master classes with the best coaches of Germany
  • Going for sightseeing: Europa-Park, Strasbourg, Baden- Baden etc.
  • Learning of German, English and other languages

Round tours and shopping trips

  • Trips: Baden-Baden with the surrounding country, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Pforzheim, Black Forest, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Freiburg and much more.
  • Individual and exclusive shopping (Baden-Baden, Basel, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Metzingen, Frankfurt and other cities), in Italy as well
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