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Why Germany?

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    The outstandingly efficient customer service by the high rank professors, respected doctors and experienced professionals with the world renowned names.

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    Germany has a leading position among other European countries in medicine equally in quality and diversity.

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    German hospitals are recognized as the best equipped in the world, the German equipment has no equals either in quality or uniqueness.

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    You will be provided with the latest achievements and developments in medicine.

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    Due to use of the described technologies, the diagnostics system is highly accurate, the treatment methods are unique and the treatment results of the most difficult diagnoses are high.

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    We offer treatment in the authoritative high tech centers with the materials of ultimate quality, ecological safety.

Priority treatment areas in Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Heidelberg and Munich

Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Sport Medicine

The orthopaedics and traumotology departments deliver care to patients with different severity injuries. There are specialized multidisciplinary departments at the clinic involved in the treatment and diagnosis of ankle joint conditions and skin inflammation of a leg in diabetes mellitus. All surgical treatments are delivered using the latest scientific and medical advances. The arthroscopic shoulder and spine surgeries as well as the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle and wrist joint surgeries are performed jointly with the sport medicine department. The clinic in Freiburg was the first to apply various constructions in cruciate ligament and shoulder injuries as well as in rotator cuff stabilization and reconstruction. There are various spinal surgeries including tumour resection and intervertebral disk prosthesis and kyphoplasty conducted at the clinic for osteoporotic fracture. Minimally invasive surgery and navigation endoprosthesis placement are used in spinal surgeries. The advantages of those methods include not only low patient exposure but also lowered surgical risks and complications. The pediatric orthopaedic departments offer special consultations for children with traumatic injuries and various congenital or acquired deformations. The treatment of the youngest patients are conducted in close collaboration with the Centre of Child and Adolescent Medicine. The patients’ rehabilitation is delivered at the physiotherapy department or in the specialized rehabilitation centres.
Range of services Traumatology Prosthetics Spinal surgery Tissue engineering Shoulder surgery ( arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery ) Knee surgery ( arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery ) Orthopedics    Paediatric orthopedics and traumatology Treatment of osteoporosis Bone tumor surgery Foot surgery Sports orthopedics and traumatology